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The City of Pearland Zombie Fun Run scheduled for Saturday, October 29th, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Veterans Sports Complex located at 3901 Veteran Dr. Pearland, Texas 77584 is designed to promote fitness in a unique running environment.

The Zombie Run themed race is not your typical hometown run, unless of course, your hometown is swarmed with an army of marauding Zombies. By using the popular Zombie theme, The Zombie Run creates a running narrative on a race course, where participants either run through the course track as Zombies, or living Zombie prey. Participants must run to safety, while dodging an imaginatively harrowing barrage of apocalyptic carnage.

“We have expanded out programming this year to offer a delightfully spooky event. We hope all of our residents will take the opportunity to be active all while having fun,” said Christopher Orlea, Director of Parks and Recreation.

Outrun the zombie horde, protect your flags and make it to the finish line without being infected, all while dressed in your favorite ghoulish attire. The first 100 runners to register will receive a free t-shirt. Come run for a Ghoul ol’ time! For more information, visit