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It’s going to be “Lights, Camera, Action” at the newest LUX Premiere location in Pearland, Texas!

The Pearland Premiere LUX Cine 6 is currently undergoing a massive upgrade. All of the old rocking chairs in the building are being removed and upgraded to state-of-the-art luxury leather electric recliners, each with its own private swivel table for your in-theatre dining and personal  USB charging port so you can juice up your phone for use AFTER the movie.

Martin Watson, Special Operations Director for Premiere Cinemas and a local Pearlander said he started working at the Pearland Cinema when he was 15 as an usher and has moved up the ranks through Assistant Director, Director, and now heads Special Operations at the corporate office level.

“I have seen so many changes during that time,” said Martin. “We went from 35mm to digital, from standard chairs to rocking seats, and now to luxury recliners and self-serve all you can eat and drink popcorn and Cokes. This has always been a local favorite for enjoying movies, but it’s like a whole new place now, I think people are going to love it.”

The concession stand is being upgraded with Premiere’s state-of-the-art self-serve concession machines. “Now, all popcorn, drinks and ICEE are completely refillable FOR FREE during the entire length of your movie” Watson mentions. “It’s a big transformation and improvement that I think everyone in Pearland will really enjoy.”

The lobby will be home to a bank of quick service kiosks where guests can select their seat before heading to the concession stand. The kiosks are complete with hand scanners where you scan tickets directly off your phone.

All seating is also reserved with the recliners. Tickets and reserved-seating can be done on-site or in advance at

Construction of upgrades is progressing in phases with an early July 2019 estimated completion date.


Pearland Premiere Lux Cine 6
5050 Broadway Street, Suite 10
Pearland, Texas 77581