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Urinetown1If you gotta go, make sure it’s to Pearland High School’s staging of the satirical Broadway splash “Urinetown.”

Catch the closing weekend January 28-30, 2016 at 7:30 p.m. in the PHS auditorium (3775 S. Main).

Thanks to a 20-year drought, water is in short supply, and private toilets are unthinkable, leaving the community feeling the pressure — literally.

Local megacorporation Urine Good Company not only controls all water amenities but also forces people to pay to use public toilets or else take a one-way trip to mysterious “Urinetown” for breaking the law.

Citizen Bobby Strong, aided by the Urine Good Company CEO’s daughter, launches a rebellion to give the townspeople the right “to go” when and where they like.

All tickets are reserved. Cost is $15 for premium seating and $12 for general. Students, staff and senior citizens are $10 at the door only.

For tickets, call 281-412-1630 or visit