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srr-vinceElvis tribute artist Vince King found a new career in 2004 after winning first place in an Elvis contest at a local festival sponsored by a Houston oldies radio station.  With an extra $500 dollars in his pocket, King found himself playing at small shows around the Houston area quickly gathering fans.

Soon after, the smaller shows led to private parties with great word of mouth referrals and eventually larger shows.  King’s part-time music effort became a full- fledged career in 2008 when he decided to apply his sales experience to his own business enterprise as an Elvis tribute artist.

These days King can be found in Houston area venues performing and singing hits by Elvis Presley.  The Pearland resident says he averages about 100 shows on an annual basis.

“I’ve always been an Elvis fan and grew up watching his movies, listening to his concerts and collected his movie posters,” says King.  “At my shows I love how Elvis music brings people together – whether it’s the older generation remembering their youth, people my age connecting to their parent’s time or even little kids who recognize his music.”

Pearlander Vince King will be a featured act at the upcoming Shake, Rattle & Roll event set to take place on Saturday, June 11 and Sunday, June 12 in Pearland.  On Saturday, King will open the event with a 1950s act and close the evening backed by the Spinout band from the DFW area for a Las Vegas set.

The Spinout band is comprised of professional musicians who specialize in the Elvis genre and was formed by Randy Stockam.

On Sunday, King will be on hand for a meet and greet plus a few other surprises.  For more information about activities and the full schedule go to –