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Disc golf is a great way to make friends, get outdoors and chalk up exercise time while social distancing. But, possibly the best part of the game is that players can talk and socially connect with others as they play. Relieving stress is a huge benefit. In Pearland, you can play disc golf alone or with friends at Centennial Park.

Another plus, disc golf is a low-cost game to play that requires only a frisbee disc or soccer ball. Centennial Park is open dawn to dusk.  Visitor parking is located across McLean in front of the splash pad.

Making friends while playing disc golf is par for the course. In fact, disc golf events at Centennial Park attract players from all over the area. For most players the game is a casual outdoor activity to enjoy alone or with friends and family. However, some players are more competitive and match up with like-minded players to take the game up a notch.

For the most part, disc golf is easy to learn because it follows the basic rules and terminology of traditional golf. Instead of hitting a ball into a hole, players throw high-tech discs into elevated metal baskets. Almost all age groups and skill sets can play disc golf and have fun. The 9-hole course is about .5 mile a team of four can complete a game in an hour or less.

Golden Rule of Disc Golf

There’s a Golden Rule of Disc Golf that can also be applied to life off the course, as well:

“Behave the right way, don’t waste time needlessly, and don’t bring the group down with anger, and you’ll be quickly accepted and invited to join them again.”

Bayou City Disc Golf Club helped design the 9-hole Centennial course and supports the community in caring for the course and park. The Centennial disc golf course is flat but challenging. Along the course trees provide desired shade and alternate tees.

Pearland parks provide numerous opportunities for adults and kids to get out of the house and stretch out while we social distance. To learn more about other outdoor things to do in Pearland, go to