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Local Pearland company Koza’s Inc. Caps A Winning Season of October Baseball

With all eyes on history-making World Series baseball between the Houston Astros and the Los Angeles Dodgers, a local Pearland company is on deck to crown the winners.  Koza’s, Inc. based in Pearland has produced and shipped clubhouse & locker room caps for major sporting events for more than 20 years.

The family business started in 1965 in a modest building at the 2910 S. Main Street location as a retail setting for Melmac (plastic) dinnerware.  Today, after several expansions through the 70’s and 80’s the complex is just under 20,000 square foot with 35+ employees offering services including embroidery and screen printing for t-shirts, golf shirts, headwear and a variety of wearables.

Clutch City
The expertise Koza’s developed in the late 70’s and 80’s with embroidery along with their reputation in servicing collegiate and corporate accounts led them to the big leagues with the production of t-shirts and headwear for the Houston Rockets 1994 NBA Finals championship win.

Over the years, Koza’s has developed a specialty with embroidery and the heat seal technique used in the look of the locker room and clubhouse caps for championship wins.

Fast forward to this year’s baseball season where league division series, league championship series and ultimately World Series championship clubhouse headwear is produced exclusively by Koza’s in Pearland, Texas.

While this year is a bit special with a local team in the MLB series, the company is very familiar with production for major sporting events producing headwear annually for the NFL Super Bowl, NHL Stanley Cup, MLB World Series and the NBA Finals since 1994.

October Baseball
This year a total of 190,000 caps will be produced for the World Series championship in a matter of 24 to 36 hours at Koza’s.  Shifts are at the ready once either team wins 4 games during the best of 7 series showdown.

“The product that the players are putting on their heads in the locker room or clubhouse is produced here at Koza’s,” according to Joseph Koza, vice president of Koza’s, Inc.

Koza’s remains a family-owned business in Pearland with strong ties to the local community with a majority of their business focused on corporate, collegiate and academic accounts.

“Our main day-to-day business is to turn out quality products that meet customer expectations in a timely fashion.  During this time of year, its controlled chaos similar to an emergency room setting,” says Koza.