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Competitive gamers, rejoice! A first-of-its-kind experience is coming to the Pearland Town Center, 11200 Broadway Street, this summer, and it’s sure going to be a game changer. 

Belong Gaming Arenas, a subsidiary of global esports and technology company Vindex, announced last week that it will begin rolling out hundreds of gaming centers across the United States, with the Pearland location being the very first to open its doors. 

“Following more than a year of isolation, people are craving interactive and shared gaming experiences, where they can come together to celebrate a shared love of gaming and its culture,” Martyn Gibbs, CEO of Belong Gaming Arenas, said in a news release. “Belong will play a key role in the next evolution of gaming by deeply integrating within local communities while also connecting people from around the world digitally.” 

The Pearland arena will include 48 gaming stations, equipped with high-spec PCs, and access to both PS5 and Xbox Series X installations. Furnished with a comfortable seating and social area, Belong will also be a great place to connect with like-minded visitors and community members. The dedicated party room will hold 12 gaming stations; perfect for parties and private reservations. 

Arenas will be home to local “squads”, with names representing the community they hail from. The Town Center location has been named the Pearland Archers after the Pearland Temple for Meenakshi, representing the warrior and Hindu Goddess with an archery-themed logo. 

Take aim, get set, and prepare to show off your tournament chops at the first ever U.S. location for Belong Gaming Arenas, right here in Pearland, Texas. Join the game when the arena opens at Pearland Town Center on August 6th.