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With feels-like temperatures well above 100° and heat advisory announcements ringing in ours ears, it’s about time for a weekend cool down. Don’t you think?

There’s nothing quite like a cold snack and some air conditioning to ward off the end-of-summer blues, and Pearland has plenty of options for delectable, icy treats to help you do just that.

Milk and Boba Tea 

A cold cup from any one of Pearland’s many teahouses can double as both a beverage and a sugary snackPick up a classic milk tea or a Milk Strike special from Kung Fu Tea, or something thirst-quenching from The Teahouse Tapioca & Tea with a variety of delicious sinker additions, for an afternoon pick-me up worthy of a special trip. 




Ice Cream and Frozen Custard 

Any frozen snack discussion would be incomplete without a cup, bowl, or cone of either ice cream or frozen custard. Indulge your sweet tooth with a unique, rolled dessert from Chop Ice Cream, or order up an Elvis at Rollie’s Frozen Custard and, just like the King, you won’t be able to help falling in love. 




Popsicles and Mangonadas 

If you prefer a bit of spice in your frozen treats, look no further than local favorites like La Monarca, where you can find a chile-flavored popsicle with bits of refreshing cucumber in every bite, or Zero Degrees, where the tangy Mangonada reigns supreme. 





Daquiris and Margaritas 

Battle back against the cruel heat of the summer with a fruity daiquiri from Bourbon St. Daiquiris or a salty margarita from Taqueria Mi PueblitoBoth locations mix up bold flavors at great prices, like the taqueria’s $2 margarita deal on Tuesdays. If you’ve been waiting for a sign; here it is. It’s five o’clock somewhere! 




Craft Beers and Hard Seltzers 

Pearland is certainly known for its impressive craft breweries, and there’s no better time than now to sit back, relax, and enjoy a cold one with friends and family. Grab a Texas Tall Boy or a Swim Shady seltzer from BAKFISH for something light and drinkable, and bring your kids to Vallensons for their 0%, Li’L Vik’n root beer while you enjoy a Depot Pale Ale.