As the fastest growing city in the Houston region, Pearland has everything you’re looking for in a community – affordable housing, outstanding schools, safe neighborhoods and superb quality of life.

With millions of square feet of retail, office and residential construction completed in the past 10 years, Pearland is on its way to becoming the next major employment center in the Houston region. Our close proximity to Houston, just a short 20 minute drive to downtown, allows you to experience all the city has to offer including professional sports, world-class cultural amenities and recreation.


Pearland was recently ranked the 5th safest city in Texas, Pearland residents can rest assured that their families are safe and secure in the community and surrounding areas.  Incredible cost of living and the proximity to Houston attractions and culture make Pearland the perfect fit.


Pearland ISD has 23 campuses, 1,364 teachers, and an enrollment of over 21,500 students. For more information, visit
Alvin ISD has 30 campuses, 3,197 educators and staff, and an enrollment of nearly 26,000 students. For more information, visit



The City of Pearland Planning Department has produced a new population estimate Pearland. We will continue to periodically update the estimate as new information becomes available.

Pearland Population Estimates Update: January 2017*

Jan. 2016 Jan. 2017 Jan. 2018 Jan. 2019
City Limits 115,600 119,700 125,000 127,500
E.T.J. 23,700 24,400 24,800 25,300
Total 139,300 144,100 149,800 152,800

* Sources: City Limits: U.S. Census and City of Pearland building permits. ETJ: County data from GIS

Cost of Living

One of the many benefits of living in Pearland is a cost of living that falls below the national average.

For the six categories listed below, a survey of 300 cities nationwide shows the relative price for consumer goods and services in the Houston/Pearland region are below the national average.

Category Index
All Items 90.5%
Grocery 81.6%
Housing 89.9%
Utilities 90.9%
Transportation 92.9%
Healthcare 100.0%
Misc Goods & Services 92.5%

*Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index, 3rd quarter 2015