Crawfish boils are a tradition in the Gulf Coast starting in February and ending when mudbugs run out in June. Visitors staying in Pearland during crawfish season can enjoy fresh boiled crawfish with all the trimmings at dozens of traditional and Asian-Cajun seafood restaurants. When you sit down for crawfish in a Pearland restaurant remember this: taste knows no boundaries.

The spiciness of boiled crawfish is a matter of taste and ranges from mild to very, very spicy hot. Asian-Cajun cooked crawfish is bathed in tangy garlic sauces before serving which adds flavor and cools the heat. Traditional sides include potatoes, corn, hard-boiled eggs and cold beer, water or sweet tea to drink.

Traditional Crawfish

BB’s Tex-Orleans
After boiling the crawfish, a spicy and secret Texas-New Orleans paste is poured on top and tossed in. The crawfish is flavorful, but not scorching hot to the taste.

Floyd’s Cajun Seafood
Floyd’s touts a “Swimming Yesterday, Guaranteed” and a superb menu to match. It has been a favorite spot for boiled crawfish for over 27 years.

Fish City Grill
Located in Pearland Town Center, Fish City has a full menu of inventive seafood dishes, Cajun-style specialties and drinks. The boiled crawfish is mildly spicy and delicious.

Sam’s Boat Pearland
Boiled crawfish at Sam’s is served with potatoes and corn and piled high. A good value for tasty mudbugs and trimmings.

Steamboat Bill’s
Tantalize Your Taste Buds! Known for its authentic Cajun food, newly opened Steamboat Bill’s is one of the top restaurants in Southwest Louisiana.

The Jambalaya Shoppe
This casual restaurant specializes in authentic Louisiana dishes made by family recipes, including the boiled crawfish. The menu features Jambalaya, Pastalaya, Gumbo, and a variety of Cajun appetizers.

Honores Cajun Café
Just outside Pearland, the menu at this Manvel favorite features generations of family recipes from gumbo and boiled crawfish to Cajun hamburgers. The inherited love of family, friends, and food are in every bite.

Asian-Cajun Crawfish

All Seasons Seafood
You can choose from five buttery spice combinations to add more zip to the mild, hot, hot-hot, and burning hot Crawfish.

Em’s Seafood Kitchen
Unique house sauces–Cajun, garlic and a special Em sauce–are poured on top of the boiled crawfish. Kids eat free on Monday.

LA Crawfish
Sells boiled and live crawfish by the pound. Its unique Pho menu combines the best of Asian and Cajun. Honestly, there is something for every taste even kids.

There’s More

Visitors not ready to dive into a pile of boiled crawfish can find over 140 restaurants serving a variety of cuisines in Pearland. Just know, when it comes to eating, Pearland is a good place to be. Enjoy.