Travelers down Texas highways follow humorous road signs, sometimes hundreds of miles, to the nearest Buc-ee’s. These Texas-sized convenience stores, Pearland has two, are known for clean bathrooms and rows of lightning-fast fuel pumps. Open 24/7, Buc-ee’s has thousands of items to eat, drink, play with, and wear.

By the way, the eye-catching road signs advertise expected services, such as, “It’s Potty Time”, “Eat Here Get Gas”, and a favorite “Meat Good Jerky Better”. Buc-ee’s offers 20 flavors of peppered jerky, Bohemian Garlic is the most popular. “Beaver Nuggets”, addicting caramel and butter-glazed corn puffs, is the number one sweet snack.

Buc-ee’s stores in Pearland are designed for quick stops day or night on high-traffic highways, as one sign says, “Where the Sun Never Sets”.

Road tripping Pearland Buc-ee’s

The Pearland stores are not huge travel centers like the mega stores on major interstate highways.  Expect to find your favorite items, clean restrooms and plenty of fuel pumps at Buc-ee’s in Pearland.

Texas 288 south of Sam Houston Parkway
11151 Shadow Creek Pkwy/McHard
West of Highway Texas 288

Highway 35 south of Sam Houston Parkway
2541 S Main St
South of Broadway/FM 518

Who’s Buc-ee?

Co-Founder Arch Apelin combined his longtime nickname, Beaver, and his Lab’s name, Buck, to create Buc-ee’s. The first store opened in Lake Jackson, TX, in 1982. Buc-ee’s iconic logo, a beaver wearing a red cap in a yellow circle, is on every sign, billboard and container.

On your next road trip, be sure to follow the signs to Buc-ee’s in Pearland. Happy Trails.