Pearland sits in Brazoria County and is home to more bird species than any other area in North America. During the Migration Season of April and May many songbirds are in the air. During the months of July through September, a variety of coastal birds from several species arrive in Pearland’s local parks.

Bright-colored birds and their chirping are the norm at two of the more popular sites in Pearland for birding – the Shadow Creek Nature Trail and John Hargrove Environmental Center. Unique birds also frequent Independence Park and Centennial Park in Pearland as well.

Pearland preserves several habitats that are critical for birds flying in for migration.  The city sits directly in the middle of the Central Flyway.  As these birds fly in from across the Gulf of Mexico they typically prefer habitats that are just inland – Brazoria County.  As the saying goes “location is everything” and for bird watchers Pearland is a perfect pick for birding!

Main photo: Great Egret photographed in Pearland by Pete Romfh, Texas Master Naturalist-Cradle of Texas Chapter.

Birds Commonly Found in Pearland

* Special thank you to photographer Pete Romfh, Texas Master Naturalist-Cradle of Texas Chapter, all images were taken at the John Hargrove Environmental Center (JEHC) in Pearland.

Little Blue Heron *

Roseate Spoonbill *

Cattle Egret *

Spotted Sandpiper *

Great Egret *