Pearland Local Bat Colony

PL_Parks_Recs_Bat info poster2One of Pearland’s known bat colonies is located under the Fite Road Bridge. The bridge is near Neches, closer to the intersection of Fite and Hatfield,  between Hatfield and Wagontrail. It is a maternal colony with more than 10,000 Mexican Free-tailed bats. The City recently installed interpretive signage along the Mary’s Creek trail – across the street from the Stella Roberts Recycling Center (5800 Magnolia Street). It is strongly encouraged that all public viewing take place from this designated location as bats are a protected animal species and its important humans keep a safe distance. Our research indicates this is a maternal colony, therefore, the young pups are unable to take flight at this time. Please make plans to visit the observation area in August well before sunset when hungry mother bats and their pups begin emerging.

Don’t forget to bring your viewing binoculars! Here’s a video about the trail:

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